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Department of Logistics

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   Department of Logistics
81-824 Sopot 
Armii Krajowej 119/121

0 58 523 13 51
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Leszek Reszka, PhD

Leszek Reszka, PhD

E-mail adress:

Duty hours:

The University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Economics, room 110 (in the winter semester 2017/18):

I week: Monday, at 11:30 a.m.

II week: Tuesday, at 6:40 p.m.

Scientific interests:

Quantitative methods in logistics; forecasting in support system for enterprise; optimization of logistic processes; measurement of logistic costs; reliability measurement for logistic support system; measurement of logistic support economic advantages; supply chain management; issues of small enterprises in Poland, didactics of logistics

Files for students:

1. Logistics for Economic Processes:

part 1,
part 2,
part 3,
part 4,
part 5,
part 6,
part 7,
part 8,
part 9,

assessment schedule,

list of bonus points,



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